Wear N’ Tear Force

Wear N’ Tear Force is a one-of-a-kind toy line that I designed and fabricated. The figures are hand cast, painted and distressed, and the cardback illustration and design is all custom as well.

Throughout the life of an action figure, they can be subjected to all sorts of abuse and each Wear N’ Tear Force figurine represents one of these grim fates. However, the toys themselves are presented in custom packaging that frames them as courageous super heroes with powers equivalent to the damage they have received.

The Edible Man boasts the power of regeneration - no matter how much of him is torn off, he always returns to full strength. However, the figure itself has just been thoroughly chewed by a dog (or small child).
The Body Borrower is presented as a hero with the ability to inhabit any form he chooses. But in reality he is simply a toy whose head was broken off during some agressive play and been hastily glued onto a random spare body.

As the most powerful member of the force, Fung-Guy has control over all mold, fungus and fungal spores and is able to produce them at will to direct at this enemies. But the truth of his story is also the most tragic - his mottled appearance is simply doe to being abandoned in the back of a damp closet where he has grown discolored and developed a nasty mold.
Meltor’s power allows him to collapse down into a globular puddle in order to fill any space or go through any opening. Unfortunately, the figure itself has just been left to melt on a hot sidewalk.